Monday, May 25, 2009


Im starting my nutrisysten diet tomorrow! I hope it works out!

I was thinking about posting pictures but that would just be wayyyy to embarrassing if I didnt loose weight! I'll post before and after pictures when all is said and done!

I'm very optimistic! This diet with combination with my ridiculous work out I do almost every night I think I'm going to get some good results! I'm aiming to loose 15 pounds...which would put me at around 145...and I would be very happy! More than anything I want to loose dress sizes!

ANNNYWHO I wont be to upset if it doesnt work out for me since I didn't pay for it! Nathaniel's step mom Naomi gave me a free month! God love her!

Speaking of Naomi we went down to Fresno and met up with Darryl and Naomi and saw a bunch of Nathaniels family! Had a good time...I freaking LOOOOOVVVVE California! I never want to leave here!

<3 Ashley

ohhhh and some pics for you....


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing the awesome pics.!! little angel is sooo cute. Well, good luck for your Nutrisystem diet.

Jill Allison said...

I'm 'stealing' the last pose! =)