Monday, May 25, 2009


Im starting my nutrisysten diet tomorrow! I hope it works out!

I was thinking about posting pictures but that would just be wayyyy to embarrassing if I didnt loose weight! I'll post before and after pictures when all is said and done!

I'm very optimistic! This diet with combination with my ridiculous work out I do almost every night I think I'm going to get some good results! I'm aiming to loose 15 pounds...which would put me at around 145...and I would be very happy! More than anything I want to loose dress sizes!

ANNNYWHO I wont be to upset if it doesnt work out for me since I didn't pay for it! Nathaniel's step mom Naomi gave me a free month! God love her!

Speaking of Naomi we went down to Fresno and met up with Darryl and Naomi and saw a bunch of Nathaniels family! Had a good time...I freaking LOOOOOVVVVE California! I never want to leave here!

<3 Ashley

ohhhh and some pics for you....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

shooting for the stars...literaly.

I want to be an actress.

I'm taking some acting classes and I'm going to try and do a few extra gigs and see if
I can work my way up...

Don't laugh at me. I'm quite serious.

I'm going to get headshots tomorrow :) I hope they turn out OK!

I'll post them as soon as I can!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Acting classes...and other thoughts.

This is the only post I have ever posted that will not involve pictures! Well I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with my life...I mean I'm 19 years old and I change my mind everyday on what I want to go to college for!! (i.e photographer, real estate agent, nurse, chef, trust me the list goes on...) And while I'm deciding what I want to do with my life I wanted to do something fun!! So I plan on taking some acting classes!! I'm excited!! I want to try out a bunch of things!! When I'm done with these classes I think I may try out some voice lessons!! I've always enjoyed singing and I'm half way decent soooo maybe I can get myself American Idol worthy (HA) with some voice lessons! I want to have fun while I'm young!!
I am thoroughly enjoying being in California! There are so many things to get involved in here! I really think this is where I want to be...I'm not looking forward to moving!! I really feel like me AND Nathaniel have found a place that we love to be. It makes me sad just thinking of the prospect of moving to Georgia blehhh. If we HAVE to move I am praying to go to Maryland!! Don't get me wrong I miss home (texas/lousinana) so much but I just feel like we have bigger things in store for us than Newton has to offer!! (is that weird?)
Kyleigh had a rough day today...she has been so spoiled since she was born its not even funny!! Well I'm definitely regretting it now...I can't put her down for 2 seconds without her screaming bloody murder! I literally cant go pee without holding her anymore. I bathe with her, i unload the dishwasher (YES, i sometime do) with her on my hip, she is on my lap as I'm typing right now....I'm sure that there will be so many typos hahaha! It's a good thing I love this kid so much :))
Nathaniel...silly silly Nathaniel. I love that guy! I was thinking the other one else on earth could be as silly with me as him...and I LOVE it! If people saw and heard the things we did when no one was around they would definitely think we were crazy! He is just so smart in school! I am so proud of him for how hard he has been working!! (ah kyleigh just fell asleep finally thank god :)) He is taking his practice DOPT in a few weeks (the day after his birthday i think?) And if he feels like he did good enough then we are going to move into some apartments out of Fort Ord PRAISE THE LORRRRRRD!!!! We would have about 400-500 dollars a month!! So I'm hoping he is happy with his scores!!
That's all for now...sorry I did'nt stick with one topic!! :))


Tuesday, May 12, 2009