Friday, January 22, 2010


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kyleighs Poem

I wrote this for Kyleigh as a birthday gift..i hope one day she will appreciate it.

Kyleigh's Poem
From the moment I held you
I knew things had changed
The pieces of my heart
had been rearranged

While I looked in your eyes
all I could feel
was a love so very strong
a love so very real

I remember the first time
you smiled at me
I never knew i could
feel so much glee

The first giggle I heard,
Oh what joy i felt
Its the ONLY giggle that
can make my heart melt

My love for you grows
deeper everyday
nothing will ever change that,
it was meant to be this way

The day you took your first steps
is a day i wont forget
my heart was not prepared
I wasnt ready yet

Your growing up to fast
how i wish the time would slow
i wish i could turn back the clock
and back in time we'd go

We could stay there for a while
and cherish the time we had
But knowing this can't happen
makes me very sad

So for now I'll make the best
of everyday with you
I'll make everyday special
because we have so few

I'll tell you how much i love you
and how much you mean to me
I'll write it all across the sky
for all the world to see

So for now my love i leave you this
a poem just to say
my love for you will always grow
each and every day.

~Ashley Singh~